Why pick a removals company to move you when you can do it your self?

So its time to move house and you’re not sure whether you want to hire one of the removal companies within Salisbury, or simple hire a van out and do it your self. We are going to explain why you should hire a moving company rather than self moving along with pros and cons. You see most removal companies move people almost everyday, so not only do they have a large amount of knowledge and experience. They do it so often it becomes fun for them, They enjoy seeing you putting your mind in places that really matter. Such as recording your gas and water readings, arranging for broadband and telephone line to be connected at the new property.

Moving your self  and renting a vehicle.

So here we go, Moving your self and renting a vehicle can be a very good idea if you need to save money and spend it on other places that matter. You’ve already gotten all of your packing materials such as boxes, packing paper, tape and bubble wrap. You get your supplies together, stand in your front room and think to your self “Where do i start?” You start with the kitchen and start putting things in boxes and find that you’ve done 5 boxes already. You then remember that you needed to wrap then up because they are being transported. You’ve now spent 3 hours in total just doing your kitchen alone. You start packing the rest of the house and its taken a further 14 hours in total. The beds and wardrobes still need to be dismantled, You still need to call utility companies up and arrange for the change of address, Phone your Broadband and telephone provider and notify them too.

Everything is now packed and everything dismantled, the day of the move is now. You load things into the van with no order, no organizing, you just put it in to the best of your ability and hope for the best. The time its taken you to get your first van load has been a total of 4 hours and you still have to drive to the other property and unload. You look at the property you’re moving from and realize there’s still so much more left. you have a total of another 2 van loads but you only have one van. You get to your new property and start to unload the your beloved furniture, you’ve forgotten to lay down some protection for the carpets and now you’re really starting to get stressed. its taken you 3 hours to unload everything from the first load, that already been a day. You’ve gotten until the next day midday to be out of your old property and now the panic is starting to kick in.

The next day you wake up early and get started with moving all of your furniture again, taking you a further 4 hours to load and now you’ve found out that when you started driving. That something slammed into that nice new glass door unit you bought, so now there’s damaged items, already over your dead line to move. You have the solicitors phoning you asking you to hurry up so the monies can be transferred. That’s it, you’ve lost your mind, stressed out to the maximum. The move is complete only 4 hours late over the dead line, the solicitors tell you that there will not be enough time for the money from the new home owners wont be in in time. They’ve already moved out, the solicitors advise you that you will be charged for the costs of the extra day of removals which totals to £1350.00 they then charge you for a meal and a hotel which comes to £150.00 plus an admin fee from the solicitors and the actual solicitor costs.

The total you have had to spend is £7500.00 ( for example) because of the delays. With all the stress, the time, the rental costs and damaged goods. You think you’ve saved your self time but in the long run you’ve now added a further £3500 for the extra costs.

Letting the removal companies in Salisbury move you.

Arranging for a removals company to complete your move really couldn’t be any simpler. Phone up a removals company, ask if they can come round and provide you with a quote. Arrange a date and a time and they come, they go over with what sort of service you will need. “Do you need a packing and dismantling service?” if you said “yes” they will explain to you exactly what happens. If you say no, they will continue with the quote as normal, all of your belongings will be listed on a check sheet for insurance purposes unless their terms and conditions state otherwise. The movers company will then give you the quote in our house or will state they will go back to the office and tally everything up and send you the quote via email.

A key point to remember here is that cheaper isn’t always better, you pay for what you get. If a company quotes a really cheap price compared to the rest, be sure to check the company out, check the reviews have a think at why they may have been so cheap compared to the other removal companies.  You’ve chosen a company out of all the removal companies that come to quote you, you have opted for a a full pack, dismantle and move package. They’ve explained how the packing and dismantling works, they remind you (depending on the size of your property)  they come along the day before with all the packing materials and show you what exactly they are going to start with,  they ask you to put aside some essential items that you’ll need over night. Such as pots and pans, cups, coffee, sugar, towels, cleaning materials etc,etc.

5 hours later, everything is packed and ready to go. Everything has been labeled and organized accordingly,  most of the boxes are now downstairs stacked up nicely out the way. Furniture is now away from all the walls giving you enough room to clean that night, Beds are dismantled and you’re able to spend your last night in your old home in comfort on your mattress.

The day of the removals come along, the mover and turned up with 3 vehicles and 4 porters. Everything is starting to get put into the vans, starting with heavy boxes at the bottom and as the stack gets higher the boxes get lighter and the fragile boxes get put at the top. All boxes are in two of the vehicles, now the movers company start to grab furniture. Every company is different and load their removal vehicles in different ways. The should wrap your sofa’s and chairs in heavy duty removal covers, pop them in the van the cover them some more with removals blankets. Same goes for the white goods such as washing machines, tumble dryers, under counter fridge and freezer, they should all be covered in heavy duty covers to reduce the risk of damages.

All of your pictures, mirrors, tv’s and any other fragile item should either be bubble wrapped or put into a heavy duty removal covers so they are nice and safe and minimal risk of getting damaged. However, if any thing does happen to get damaged the legitimate removals company should have the correct insurances to cover your losses if any. all of the vehicles are now loaded, including everything dirty from the shed and everything oily from the garage, (again depending on the terms and conditions of the removal companies). Its taken a total of 4 hours to load all the vehicles and whilst they were loading up, you were able to record all the utility readings and get all the broadband details changed to the new address. We’re now on our way to the new property.

As everything the removal company packed is labeled up, if they haven’t been given a floor plan or the doors haven’t been labeled. You will find the porters will shout out whats on the box and ask where it is going. everything has been delivered undamaged, everything is running on time with no delays. The solicitor phones you to advise the money transfer has been complete. Move Complete. You’ve now successfully moved stress free probably for the first time ever, no thanks to a removal company.

You see, there are Pro’s and Con’s of moving your self or hiring a movers company to move you. If you need a stress free move and want all of your items covered then you would choose to hire a removals company.
If you need to save money and would rather take the risk your self’s remembering that non of your items will be covered unless you have the correct insurance, then moving your self can be a good idea if its done properly.

What ever your choice, be sure to do plenty of research and everything will be fine.