When is the best time to move?

So you want to move property but you don’t know when you move, We are going to explain in detail about when we think the best time to move is, how you can better plan the move and get it moving quicker.

Putting your house on the market.

You’ve finally taken the plunge to put your house on the market and now its time to find a new property. Maybe you have a location that you want to move too, exchanging your house alone can be quite stressful and it will feel like your going no where. With a bit of persistence and  high hopes, eventually the time to move will come. We find the best time to list your house on the market is absolutely anytime, the sooner the better. People usually ponder for 6 months whether they should move or stay, they finally choose to move but they’re having to wait a further 3-6 months before they can get people interested in their house.

Finding somewhere you want to go.

So now you have your house on the market, you’re getting viewings and things seem to be going well. How do you find the best location to move? Well this all depends on your personal circumstances, Do you need a shop close by, Doctors, maybe you need a school close by for your children or you may want to go in the complete opposite direction and live in the middle of nowhere. The key thing to remember is not to rush, You’re already on the housing ladder, take your time, visit a few cities and experience what they’re like. Inspect the houses multiple of times, bring individual professionals with you and get their opinion in case any work needs doing to your potential new property. Just remember to look at a house as an investment. You’re investing in your house for you to live comfortably, so even if it does need a little work and you can negotiate on the price. it will still be worth it as you can make it your personalised home.

You’ve found your perfect house, Now what?

Now is the time that all this planning comes into action, you’ve gotten a feel for the area, you know what needs doing in terms of the property, you know why you’re moving their and you have agreed on a moving date. Now its time to get things ready to move, do you move your self or do you get a Professional Removal Company in Salisbury to move you instead? Well this all depends on your budget, whether you enjoy the stress of moving your self along with organising the transfer of bills, setting up new direct debits, changing the tv licence and your drivers licence. There’s already so much to do with out having to pack all of your belongings. We would recommend contracting a Removal Company in Salisbury to conduct the move for you, They would do all the packing, all the dismantling and loading up of the vehicles leaving you time to go over the house one last time and clean, and sort all of the bills that you need to switch.
The removal companies in Salisbury would eventually see you at the other side and unload their vehicle into the designated room that you’ve had time to plan out from all the visits and checks of the property. Everything will move along so much quicker, especially if you told the removal in Salisbury exactly what the access is like, whether there’s any bridges or really tight corners on some back road.

So our thoughts on when the perfect time to move is?

There is no right or wrong time to move, what is important is that you take your time with the move, plan ahead, get to know the area you want to move to, make sure the property is right for you and thoroughly inspected so you get no nasty surprises. Get a quotes from at least 3 reputational Removal companies in Salisbury and choose who ever you think is best. Be sure to shop around but always remember cheaper isn’t always better.

Download our Moving house Check list and tick them off one by one, we give this to all of our customers and they always say it helps massively.