No doubt there will come a time in your life when you decide to up sticks with the help of removal companies in Bournemouth and move on to pastures new… but do you know what might actually spur this move on?

New research from Strutt & Parker has revealed the main reasons that people do decide to relocate, with the desire for a more relaxed and accessible lifestyle coming top of the list.

Access to local shops and other amenities, as well as public transport and digital connectivity, were found to be among the top reasons for moving home. More people are now keen to be closer to friends and family, while being able to walk to work is also becoming more attractive to home movers.

The Housing Futures study also revealed that big cities are becoming more popular as places to live, rising from nine per cent to 15 per cent, and providing financial support for family has now become one of the big reasons to move home.

“People seem to want more speed and ease in all areas of their hectic life. However, at the same time and perhaps counterintuitively, home buyers still value their privacy.

“They want to feel secure in their homes, not cramped or overlooked. It is a delicate balance to strike – we want shops and cafes and train stations in walking distance, but we don’t necessarily want everything that city life brings, such as dense terraced housing or high-density flats with smaller living spaces,” director in research Vanessa Hale commented.

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