Removals Salisbury too Bournemouth

As one of the top 3 recommended removal companies in Salisbury, A client come forward with a few questions about removals Salisbury to Bournemouth. Eventually this lead to the customer asking for a quote. A member of our survey team was sent to this clients property to quote up a removals Salisbury job relocating to Bournemouth. As you could imagine we meet some wonderful people upon our travels. This client in particular was apart of the Navy for over 25 years and accumulated a lot of things over them years.

The Quote and Details.

The great thing about meeting new clients that all have different backgrounds is the items we see. Admittedly not all items we see are pleasant but this client for a house move from Salisbury to Bournemouth had some wonderful memorabilia. He had some absolutely stunning German craftsmanship items.

The quote was complete and we estimated a fair price. There was no packing or dismantling and we stated that a 7.5 ton lorry and a 3.5 ton van was needed for the sheer volume of belongings this customer has. We sent all relevant information to the client via email and everything was agreed and signed, for the move to Bournemouth.

The Day of Removals

On the day of removals Salisbury too Bournemouth. We come across a few troubles where things wouldn’t fit through door ways, such as a nice sofa that was too wide. We informed the customer about these items and he recalled that the window needed to be taken out in order to remove these items. This is something that most removals companies in Salisbury refuse do, including us. We advised the customer that we can’t do this, either him or another company would have to do this.

20 minutes later The window was out, no Thanks to his contacts. This actually helped us quite a lot as now we didn’t have to squeeze past tight corners or through narrow doorways. With our 5 members of removals staff, it took 3 hours to load the entire house into the vehicles and we were on our way to complete our removals in Bournemouth.

Arriving At The Destination

We arrived in Bournemouth after being met with horrendous rush hour traffic and our team was eager to get things moving. With in 3 hours, everything was placed into the customers residential property All that was needed was a signature for completion and no damages, of course this was signed with out hesitation and we were on our way back.

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What other removal company offers this kind of advice with out pestering you to come and visit for a quote? Just remember we are always here for help you and no matter where you want to move, we WILL take you there