Removals in Salisbury to Laverstock.

As one of the most recommended removal companies in Salisbury. We were recommended by one of our previous residential clients that we moved. The client we moved in Salisbury phoned us with only a week to spare before the removals date.

We arranged for a day to proceed with the removals quote in Salisbury. The customer had a lovely 3 bedroom house in the rural area of Wiltshire and wished to purchase a removals service in Salisbury. We had a look around the property and was surprised as to how little needed moving.

The customer had explained that they had been de-cluttering the residential home in Salisbury for the past month. As a result were actually left with a minimal amount to move. After we completed the visit, we recommended the client to seek out further quotes so they could get a fair review on the price of a house move in Salisbury.

The customer explained they had already received a number of quotes from removal companies in Salisbury. Yet we was recommended by a close friend of theirs because of our outstanding services that we provide.

The customer did not need a full pack service however. They did require a few packing boxes to finish the packing them selves. We provide boxes FREE of charge to local moving clients, so long as we get them back once you’re all finished unpacking.

We agreed on a price via email and the customer paid their 30% deposit fee to secure their date. Once the date was booked the rest is down to us.

We arrived on the day of the residential removals in Salisbury and was surprised. The customer brought all of the furniture down from upstairs and took it all downstairs to speed up the process. We had two moving vehicles and were fully loaded by 11am with the help of 3 members of staff.

We made our way to the new property in Laverstock and with in 2 hours, the removal vans were empty and we were on our way to load up a van or two for the next job.

We provide an excellent removals service in Salisbury and always write about the moves we complete. Get your self a free quote today by using our contact form. No matter where you want to go with in the UK, we’ll take you there.

01/12/2018 House Removals, Salisbury to Laverstock

Removals Salisbury to Laverstock

Removals Salisbury to Laverstock

We have just completed a Removals Service in Salisbury. Our client wanted a quote from various removal companies in Salisbury not only to get the best price. But too see who she liked, after all, you need to trust someone that’s moving all your hard earned possessions. We understand that first impressions are everything. Not only do we set a good example on the first impression, we finish with the same standards we start with. We believe customer service is everything, its make or break. 

The Quote

The client contacted us a week before the house removals Salisbury commenced on the basis that we had been voted one of the three top removal companies in Salisbury. A date was arranged with the customer to go round and size up what is needed in order to complete the house move safely and efficiently. Chant Removals Quote representative went to the customer residential property as per scheduled. Notes were taken about what needed to be moved and what isn’t being moved, we sized everything up by with our vast amount of knowledge and by our judgement we worked it out to be just over 600 Cubic feet squared.

We went away with all the information we needed, a date was confirmed by a customer and we decided a quote price. Quite often or not we are always slightly lower than most. However, we can not compete against the prices man and vans Salisbury workers often quote. This is exactly why we set such high standards when it comes to representing Chant Removals. You’re more likely to choose a company that you enjoy being around than a company that is cheaper but lacks in customer service. 

The First Removal Day in Salisbury

Four members of staff were send to the customers residential property to complete the house removals in Salisbury. Armed with two removal vehicles our porters got straight to work. Organizing the order of which the vehicles get loaded, what should go on each vehicle. Boxes from the customers property in Salisbury is shared between the two vehicles as well as heavy furniture.With the Removals in Salisbury only being just over 600 Cube we don’t need to stack both the vehicles how we usually would, Of course everything is wrapped in blankets and rubber mats are applied to the sides of the items to protect them. Once the house was packed into the vehicles, we purposely  left room on the back end of the vehicles for the garden furniture.

The rear end of the vehicles were blanketed off and straps put across. This is to reduce any of the garden furniture such as tables and chairs or muddy plant pots from making anything else dirty. Now the vehicles are both loaded from the clients house in Salisbury we can finally make our way over to the excited clients new house over in Laverstock which is only a short distance away.

Unloading the removal vehicles in Laverstock

Finally we arrived in Laverstock to complete the Salisbury Removals after fighting through the rush hour traffic. We pulled up out side the clients property in Laverstock, put one vehicle on their drive way. Again, our hard working porters made small work of unloading the vehicles. Before 3pm the removals service in Salisbury was complete. Customer completely satisfied, everything undamaged and we were on our way to start loading up the next property in Larkhill.

If you need a Removals Service be it a straight forward removals that contains no packing. A full pack, dismantle and removals service or a dismantle and remove job. Chant Removals can complete it all without a problem. As Salisbury’s top 3 Removal companies in Salisbury its no wonder we are recommended by so many of our clients. With our outstanding customer service and Professional Removals Team, people are over the moon when they meet us.

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