Removals in Salisbury to Andover.

A client come to us recently and asked about our removals in Salisbury. The customer wanted to know if we can complete a full package move which is supplying boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, pack it for them, dismantle beds, cots and wardrobes and move them.

Of course this is something we specialize in, if customer are local to Salisbury We provide packing materials, including boxes free of charge as long as we get them back. There are very few Removal companies in Salisbury that offer this which is a shame, other Moving companies in Salisbury “rent” their boxes out at a small charge which isn’t to bad.

The client asking for a house move in Salisbury, Wiltshire explained to us that they had previous bad experience with removal companies in Salisbury. They had read the reviews our previous clients had left us on Google and on Facebook, the customers explained that because of the reviews, they come straight to us for a quote. We advised the customers that it would be wise to gain quotes from a further 2 – 3 removal companies in Salisbury or House movers in Andover to get a rough guide on the price.

The Quote

We went to the clients residential property for a free no obligation quote and saw a lovely collection of motorcycles, of which we can not move because of flammable contents with in the motorcycles, this was fine with the customer. We worked out that the customer had a total of 950 cubic feet of belongings which equates to a Maxi mover and another half load of a Maxi mover.

As the clients owned both homes in Salisbury and Andover, we opted to use the same vehicle and do two trips, the customer agreed that this option was fine. We recorded all of the customers items so we could double check the cubic feet once we got back to the office. We wrote the client an email with the quote and terms and conditions attached. We NEVER give you a quote at your property as this can be rushed and mistakes will be made. As we have seen from other removal companies in Salisbury.

Once the customer received the quote and read through the terms and conditions, the client replied to us and stated that they do not wish to contact another removals company for further quotes as our price was fair and they liked our representative that went over for the quote. First impressions are everything and our representatives are extremely good at setting an example of great customer service and making a connection with customers.

We confirmed a date with the customers in Salisbury. We ask for a small deposit of 30% to secure your date in case another potential residential or domestic customer wants the same date. We sent an invoice with payment details to the customer using the email address they provided us when we conducted the quote.

Packing and Dismantling

We sent 2 members of staff to the customers property to conduct the packing service in Salisbury, armed with 45 boxes, 3 wardrobe boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap, by 3pm, the packing service was complete. All of the customers property was all packed into boxes with packing paper and bubble wrap to protect the contents inside. Fragile tape stuck on the boxes that were fragile so we know where to place them on the day of removals. Non-essential items like wardrobes and with the customers permission, beds were also dismantled and they slept on Mattress for the night. This is just an option, we don’t mind taking beds apart the day before the removals or on the day. This all depends on you and your circumstances.

The Removals

The morning of the removals in Salisbury come around quite fast, with our 3 members of staff ready and our removals vehicle fueled up. We were ready to hit the road to start loading up for the customer. The customer had good vehicle access so we could pretty much park on the front door which of course speeds the removals process up as we don’t have to walk to far with heavy items and all the boxes. By 10am the first load was complete. We made our way to Andover to drop off the First load.

12:15 We’re fully unloaded and on our way to collect the remainder of the belongings from the residential property in Salisbury. By 1:45 pm the property was empty, we arrived at the new house at 2:30. By 3:15 The removals in Andover was complete. It took as we expected, 1 and a half maxi-mover loads to complete the move. We take our time when it comes to quoting up so we can be as accurate as possible and give you our best possible price. However, as we are human, we can make the odd mistake and get the cubic feet measurement wrong and as such it will effect the price.  We offer a GUARANTEED MATCH OR BEAT QUOTE if another removals company in Salisbury or home movers in Andover beats our quote, simply tell us the price with their quote letter and let us work our magic. Remember we operate anywhere with in the United Kingdom, no matter how close or how far, we’ll take you there.

Take a look around our website, See our “about” page and see a little example of how we work. Look at our FAQ’s for questions that are frequently asked by numerous of customers. If you’re still not sure, you can always contact us and someone will gladly help you with any questions you may have. Whilst you’re on our website and in the reading mood, why not check out our other blogs.

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