Removals in Bournemouth to Salisbury.

We were contacted by a client for a removals in Bournemouth. The client had a beautiful 4 bedroom house near the beach front with stunning views. We get some lovely residential removal jobs, when jobs like these come up.

The quote for the removals in Bournemouth was completed only 2 days before the residential removals commenced. Since the customer already had a move date set, everything was already boxed and ready to go, making the quote much easier. So the customer did not require our packing and dismantling services. It also makes it easier to count the amount of cubic feet of furniture and boxes the customer has.

On the morning of the residential house move, we rocked up with a 7.5 ton lorry and one of our 3.5 ton Maxi Movers in order to conduct the move. We provided a few extra boxes to the clients so they could box up the essentials. We provided 4 members of staff for this job since it was quite large, as you could imagine a Large 7.5 ton vehicle and a 3.5 ton vehicle is quote a lot of room to fill ( 2154 cubic feet sq or 61 cubic meters )

We turned up at 8am on the dot for a cold and bitterly removals service in Bournemouth very close to the coast. By 11am we were fully loaded and on our way to London. Bit of traffic on the way but by 2:30 We were there at our destination. Our staff are extremely efficient, safe and take great pride in order to strive for the best customer experience. We know exactly how stressful it can be when your wanting to relocate. We make move a fun environment, you’ll never stress if you have us there just check out our Testimonials!

Once we received the layout of the house we were off. Very quickly unloading the removal vehicles in London, box by box, furniture by furniture. As the clients belongings wasn’t labeled up, we asked that the customer was close by so we could ask where specific items were going, especially the heavy items. The client provided lovely cups of coffee to keep us powering through the day.

By 5pm we’re done, both vehicles completely gutted of the customers belongings. We don’t hang around, of course we love a good chat, some of the people we meet are inspiring! Full of the most amazing stories, yet we have a job to do and you want all of your belongings back in your new property undamaged. We’re extremely good at what we do.

We always advise clients that want quotes to get at least 2-3 separate quotes from other companies. In fact even though our competitors don’t know this, we quite often recommend customers to local removal companies for quotes. Then it’s all down to the customer!

Get your free no obligation quote today. You’ll be surprised just how fun moving can be when you have professionals conducting all the hard work.

If you need further advice about move, why not take a read through out other blog posts, you’ll pick up a load of knowledgeable advice that you can put to use, or take a look at our About page and see how we do things if that fails and you still have further questions to ask, use our contact form and someone will answer your questions honestly and unbiased!